WFMW: Make Maternity Clothes Last

This is probably a no-brainer for more experienced moms, but I learned the hard way that the fabric They use to make maternity shirts is not pre-shrunk. In fact, They make it specifically designed to shrink after the first wash and look horrible soon after. I think They do this because They know They only have us for a short time and they want to get us to buy as many shirts from Them as possible.

Don’t let Them get you down!

After shrinking far too many cute tops with my first pregnancy, I learned that the best way to prolong their lives is to keep them out of the dryer entirely. In spite of the extra room for your baby bump, the shirts dry pretty fast on a drying rack, and add a colorful touch to your laundry room. Or, in my case, to the decorative curtain I hung in front of my washer and dryer to keep the laundry area from being unsightly since it’s right by the guest bathroom. I think the people who design maternity clothes had a hand in designing the layout of our first floor, but I digress.
Another tip that would save maternity shirts if only I would remember to follow it is to always wear an apron when you cook pregnant. What is it about the bump that attracts spots and spills so magnetically? Sigh.

Anyway, keeping maternity shirts out of the dryer and wearing an apron Work For Me. For more Works For Me Wednesday, check out Rocks in My Dryer.

And if you have other thoughts on preserving a maternity wardrobe, please enlighten us in the comments!

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