Super Savings Saturday

I don’t usually post on my weekly shopping bargains because there are other, better blogs devoted to things like that and I thought it would get old or derivative for me to post this type of thing frequently. However, surely every now and then you won’t be bored!

I planned my weekly shopping on Friday around my OB appointment – Walgreens and the library are on the way so I stopped there before the appointment, and Meijer is on the way home so I stopped there on the way back, thus not increasing my gas usage except for starting and stopping the car.


  • Four 14 oz boxes of Cheerios, marked down to 1.99 per box (which is already a great deal, those are usually more like $3-$4 per box lately at the grocery stores)
  • Four boxes Preparation H Travel Wipes 3.99 each (not a pressing need around here, but they give $1 each overage when you use the coupons below, which makes the cereal free)
  • One 8 oz bag shredded cheddar cheese 2.59 (not a great price, but no stores had cheese sales this week, and I have overage on my Walgreens gift card, plus I needed an extra item so I would only have one coupon per item, which is the limit)

I used four $1 off coupons for the Cheerios, four $3 off coupons for the Preparation H, one $2 off Walgreens store coupon for the Preparation H (which the computer automatically deducts from each of the four boxes, for an $8 total savings).

Total Cost after coupons: $3.63
Used my Walgreens gift card which I add to monthly because of the rebate program and never spend any out of pocket real cash, so real cost was $0.
(For details on the Preparation H/Cheerios deal, see this post on Money Saving Mom)


  • 3.87 pounds bananas – $1.90
  • two packets Old El Paso taco seasoning (the $1 off 2 Old El Paso products coupon makes these practically free, just FYI) – $1.38
  • Box of frozen spinach – $0.94
  • 2 lb container low fat vanilla yogurt – $2.19
  • Jar Peter Pan peanut butter (sad to buy this when not on sale, but we needed it and my $1 off coupons that expire next week made it cheaper than generic) – $2.49
  • 2 lb container low fat cottage cheese – $2.69
  • Tyson whole chicken (on sale this week) – $4.11
  • 3 lbs Granny Smith apples – $4.49
  • 1.88 lbs zucchini (on sale) – $.1.45
  • 3.82 lbs eggplant (on sale) – $2.94
  • 3.86 lb pears (on sale) – $3.24
  • 2.74 lb plums (on sale) – $2.71
  • Three bags Dole Romaine salad mix (on sale for $1 each) – $3.00
  • Bread (on sale) – $1.29
  • Box of 18 ice cream sandwiches (on sale) – $2.00
  • Four enormous Honeyrock Cantalopes (on sale) – $6.00
  • 20 oz bottle Lite Log Cabin syrup (on sale) – $2.50

According to my receipt, the pre-coupon, pre-sale price total value of my groceries was $63.87.

I used a 55 cent coupon for the syrup (which Meijer matched up to a dollar, they match coupons all the time not just during sales, they double everything up to a dollar), a $1 coupon off the peanut butter, a $1 coupon for the Old El Paso taco seasoning packets, and then I had a $1 off any purchase coupon that spit out with my receipt last week, and a $10 off any purchase coupon we got for transferring a prescription recently. I also had a coupon for the bread, but forgot to use it, sadly, or I would have saved another 70 cents. Bygones.

Total Cost: $31.32
(savings of $32.55 – gotta love it when you save more than you spent!)

I also transferred another prescription today, which gave me a $10 off coupon to spend next week, and I used another $10 off any gas purchase coupon to get some free gas on my way out (another freebie for transferring a prescription), so I only spent 7 cents out of pocket on that, using change I found on our morning walk!

Believe it or not, I didn’t go to CVS this week. Yet. I might go tomorrow en route to picking up our milk.

I tend to stockpile things when they are on sale, and we’re still getting regular infusions of produce from our garden, so we have a well-stocked pantry that I’ll also be drawing from this week for meals. For dinners this week I plan to make, not necessarily in this order:

For more Super Savings Saturday goodness, check out Money Saving Mom.

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