Super Blessing Saturday

I know I said last week that I wouldn’t bore you with too many savings-related posts, but this one was too good not to share. I mean, how often does one spend $3.36 for 658 diapers?

I almost skipped the Walgreens $10 off $40 purchase coupon, because my rebate for August hasn’t come in yet. Finally I decided to go anyway, because of some of the grocery deals like the $1.50 cheese and so forth. I figured I would use the coupon and spend $30 of my grocery budget at Walgreens.

Hannah went with me on the errands this morning, and we picked up what we needed from the grocery section. As we were walking down another aisle, I saw a big table piled high with diapers. Upon closer inspection, the jumbo packs (40-60 diapers per pack depending on size) were marked down to $2.74 each! Wow! Then I remembered that the August Easy Saver booklet had a coupon for $2.50 off of each Walgreens Comfort Stretch jumbo pack of diapers. I quickly added all 14 available packages to my cart.

At checkout, my total out of pocket was going to be $34.14, but then the cashier realized she had rung something up wrong, called the manager, and took the $10 off of my order. I protested that my $10/$40 coupon specifies that it can only be used after coupons, but they said since it was their fault I wouldn’t have to go get more stuff, they would just charge me the $24.14.

So I spent $24.14 out of pocket, and will receive $5.27 back in my September rebate, for a total cost of $18.87.

My total savings was….wait for it…$165.64!

The total cost of the diapers after the Walgreens coupon was 24 cents per package (not counting the $10 coupon that I considered as a discount on the groceries), which is $3.36 total for 658 diapers. For you math geeks out there, that comes to half a cent per diaper.

I know you are saying to yourself, but Catherine, don’t you cloth diaper? Yes I do, but I have gotten so many free or nearly free diapers from CVS and Walgreens that we now use disposables at night and when we travel. My cost of doing diaper laundry plus my initial investment makes using cloth diapers costs me 1.5 cents per diaper. When I can get disposables for less than 1.5 cents per diaper, I jump on it. Free is cheaper than cheap.

Hannah and I counted our 14 packs of diapers as we loaded them into the trunk, and after we got into the car, we prayed and thanked God for blessing us so unexpectedly with the groceries we needed, plus 658 diapers, plus with not having to spend as much out of pocket as I had anticipated. After we said “amen,” Hannah piped up and said,

“You know what Mama? God takes care of His children!”

I have to tell you, I almost cried when she said that. I assured her she was absolutely right, and silently thanked God again for giving us the blessing of seeing Him provide for us in unexpected ways. What a great lesson for Hannah to see today! Sometimes I can get wrapped up in focusing on the hardships of being on a tight budget, and I neglect to thank God for the blessing that being on a tight budget gives me and the children of being able to see God work in tangible ways in our lives week by week. If you’re not in the same situation, this may seem like a small thing to you, but it was a big deal for us today, and we are very thankful.

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