Sarah Isn’t Married, God’s Nap Schedule, and Other Kid News

Hannah wakes up chatting and pretty much keeps up a running commentary all day long. It can get exhausting, but it’s always entertaining. Today, for example, when I mentioned that Sarah was kicking a lot, Hannah declared,

“Sarah is married to Abraham.”

I wasn’t tracking with her, so I said, eloquently, “Huh?”

Patiently, Hannah explained herself. “In the Bible, it says Sarah is married to Abraham.”

I agreed, but said our Sarah isn’t married. Not to be dissuaded, Hannah firmly announced “Sarah IS MARRIED to Abraham, Mama.”

We had a nice long discussion about how just because you have the same name as someone else, doesn’t mean you ARE that person, and our baby Sarah is not the same Sarah we have been reading about in Genesis. Just in case I ever wonder if the kids pay attention when we read the Bible to them, now we know!

In a separate incident, Hannah asked when God has to take a nap.

“God doesn’t take naps, Hannah” I told her, “The Bible says God neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is always awake taking care of us.”

“So when I take my nap, God can be wit’ me?” Hannah asked.

“Yes Hannah, God is with you all the time.” I said.

Nodding her satisfaction, Hannah said, “That’s GOOD.”

I walked in to Jack’s room yesterday looking for him, and found him on the floor with a blanket and a Snappi, which he was attempting to use to diaper himself! He had the Snappi halfway on, right side up and everything! He was pretty proud of himself. Fortunately he was wearing a diaper already though, because we don’t use blankets as diapers around here, generally speaking.

Jack likes to make his coy little smile, ducking his chin down and batting his long, thick eyelashes (lucky boy), and wave while saying “bye bye” to people. Lately though his “bye bye” sounds just like that Saturday Night Live skit where the flight attendants say “Buh BYE! Buh BYE now! BUH bye!” It cracks me up.

Finally, lest I weary my audience with an overabundance of anecdotes, I will just mention that Jack invented his own sign for “eat.” I am not a big baby sign person, mostly because Hannah talked early and there didn’t seem to be much need for signs, and with Jack, well, maybe because he’s the second baby I’m a lot more laid back about his baby-hood and not feeling the same burning need to communicate that I did before Hannah talked. Anyway, Jack makes a funny sign when he’s hungry, which is basically a pantomime of him putting food into his mouth. It starts slow, with a move as if he is grabbing a single imaginary Cheerio and placing it in his mouth. If real food is not immediately forthcoming, he ramps up the drama a bit and starts shoveling handfuls of imaginary food into his gaping mouth. It’s pretty funny, and quite effective.

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