Piece of Cake

Monica linked to what is arguably the funniest website I have ever seen in all my born days. I laughed so hard I was weeping with mirth. It is, to be precise, a blog dedicated to messed up cakes.

I heartily suggest you read the entire blog, but in case you only have time for a few highlights, how about:

Once when I was at Walmart I chanced to pass the marked down bakery goods cart – you know, where they put the day old bread and unwanted donuts discounted for quick sale – and spied a half sheet cake decorated with “Happy Birthday Steve” marked down to the low low price of only $4.80. I couldn’t help but crack up right there in the aisle – what are the odds that someone would come by and just happen to need a cake that said “Happy Birthday Steve” on it? I guess the odds were better than if it had been an unusual name like Nakeisha or something. Anyway, I was supposed to bring a dessert to my in-laws’ house that night for some family shindig, and I so wanted to get that cake and bring it. I figured Josh’s family might laugh hysterically, or they might giggle politely while giving each other that look that says, “Catherine is always so weird, clearly she will never completely assimilate into our normal family.”

One of the reasons I married Josh is that he totally gets my odd sense of humor, so he found the idea of the cake very funny, and sure enough when my next birthday rolled around, he got me a cake that said, “Happy Birthday Steve.” For reals.

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