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I left Bible for last in this series because while I do welcome comments and suggestions on the other topics, I especially want to know your thoughts on how you do Bible in preschool.

Right now, we read a chapter from the actual Bible (I use the New American Standard translation because that is what I use for my personal Biblestudy, but in family devotions we often use the English Standard Version) in the morning or at lunch, currently working our way through Genesis. I have been surprised at how attentive the kids are, and how much Hannah retains, such as the time she pointed out that Sarah was married to Abraham. We also read from our children’s Bible story books.

During the day, we sing a lot of hymns and Psalms, but I would like to be a little more focused with that and maybe have a family hymn and Psalm of the month or something. The Olivettis introduced us to “Songs for Saplings,” which are simple songs of memory verses set to guitar music. The kids like that CD and it’s handy to refer to the songs if issues come up related to the verse topics.

I’ve been wondering what people do for Bible memory with toddlers – our previous course has been to have Hannah memorize verses pertaining to specific issues, such as being kind, obeying your parents, etc, but it occurred to me recently that I don’t want her to think that the Bible is just a bunch of do’s and don’ts. Josh has suggested she start learning the basic salvation verses from one of the Navigators programs, so maybe we’ll do that this fall.

Another thing we’re working on slowly and in fits and starts is the children’s catechism. Hannah knows about the first 15 questions and answers, and has been observed catechizing her My Little Ponies. Sadly our little catechism book recently disappeared so I admit we’ve been lax about keeping this up over the summer. Hannah does enjoy memorizing things, so it seems like a good time to give her some good theological grounding.

I really am interested in how other moms approach Bible for little ones. Feel free to leave comments if you have any ideas or thoughts on the topic.

The introduction to this series is here; also see the reading and language post, the math and science post, and the music, art, and motor skills post.

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