If There’s A Problem, Yo, I’ll Solve It

Two points if you read that title and immediately said, “Check out my hook while the DJ revolves it.” Ten points if you can quote the song in its entirety. I can, but I won’t bore you with a throw-back to sixth grade because this post is not actually about Vanilla Ice. It’s about how I rearrange my house every two weeks or so.

I find that the kids change quickly and new problems crop up with alarming regularity, generally requiring a fruit-basket-turnover of some sort. For example, a while ago having both kids in the same room stopped working because it’s so much more fun to sing together and throw stuffed animals at each other than sleep, you know? To solve that problem we changed the guest room into Hannah’s room and moved a bunch of furniture and musical instruments around to accommodate the switch. One of the new arrangements was for Hannah to have the bookcase of kids books we own in her room.

Can you see where this is going? Every nap and bedtime would find Hannah in bed with EVERY single book she owns, plus all of her doll and animal “fray-unds” (friends). I got tired of cleaning out the bed, and I think it was keeping her up way too late pretending to read to herself. I don’t mind her reading, but having 300 books to choose from was too much temptation!

The solution? I moved the bookcase into Jack’s room and filled it with some of the toys, and used the freed up space in the playroom bookshelf to shelve all of our kids books in addition to the library books and board books and toys.

I can’t imagine what we’re going to do when we add a third child to this mix!

Here is the new playroom bookshelf (it’s very long and takes up most of the wall). I wish I had thought to take a picture of Hannah this morning sleeping in like 8 square inches of bed space while the rest was piled high with books and dolls!
And here is the toy shelf in Jack’s room. I do love and adore the Peter Rabbit border, it makes a sweet and non-gender-specific nursery theme if you’re looking for one.

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