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Wednesday the kids and I met up with Jamie and her daughter Tara and went to the Indiana State Fair (there was a free admission ticket in Tuesday’s paper, so that was nice). You can see a lot of marvels and learn a lot of things at the Fair.
For example, I bet you didn’t know that tigers are afraid of umbrellas. I have now added “umbrella” to my list of “Things To Take To The Jungles of Wildest Borneo” and I suggest you do the same.
You can also see amazing sculptures crafted entirely from cheese! If I were going to make a sculpture from cheese to enter in the State Fair, I would make something really tremendous like a scale model of the Taj Mahal or something. Of course, that presumes that I can sculpt in cheese, which I cannot. And that is why I didn’t win any blue ribbons at the Fair this year.
If you’re so inclined, at the Fair you can eat a lot of bizarre things deep fried and impaled on sticks, such as the “Deep Fried Pepsi” you see advertised above. I do not know how one goes about deep frying Pepsi, and I was not inclined to sample said delicacy. The people in the picture are not related to us or friends of ours in any way, but were merely innocent passers-by. Now they are famous on the internet. I hope they don’t mind.
Jack got a free hat in the children’s “pretend to be a farmer” section. He also rode a very small tractor and took it very seriously. In the picture above he is noshing on some string cheese while deciding if the prize winning dairy cows were accurately judged. He waved his cheese in an authoritative way that I took to mean he concurred with the judges’ decision.
Hannah enjoyed a ridiculously expensive corn dog on a stick for her lunch. Jack didn’t like his ridiculously expensive corn dog, so he threw it on the ground. For the uninitiated, a corn dog is a hot dog skewered on a stick and wrapped in cornbread. Some of the food places advertised “hand dipped corn dogs” but that was a little too fancy for us, so we went with the more pedestrian plain corn dogs, and tried to avoid thinking about how they were dipped if not by hand. By foot? By someone clutching the stick betwixt their teeth? By an elaborately constructed machine twirling about in the back of the little trailer mechanically dipping hot dogs in cornbread?

We missed seeing the world’s largest pig, who evidently is so morbidly obese that he cannot stand on his own legs for fear of breaking them. That’s pretty fascinating if you ask me. Maybe we’ll get to that next year.

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