Cold Case

The case of what happened to the wooden pieces that are supposed to attach the mirror the dresser remains an unsolved mystery, but I felt like having a big antique mirror sitting around on the floor in a house where two toddlers roam freely was asking for trouble, so I went ahead and propped it up on the dresser. I hope it stays in place. You can see the dresser above, where it sits next to the chaise lounge in our bedroom. It’s much nicer than the dresser that used to be there, which is now in Hannah’s room. I’m not sure what this style of dresser is called, and my mom is at the beach with her sisters this week so I can’t ask her, but the wood is solid and the carving is so detailed, I just love it. The dresser used to sit in my grandparents’ guest room, and when I was little there used to be treasures hiding in the dresser boxes. It makes me happy to see the dresser everyday, and enjoy fond childhood memories.

To me, the value of antiques is not so much their inherent worth, although this piece is probably worth more than anything else in our house (note to burglars: it is also very heavy, you do not want to burgle marble-topped items, they might give you a hernia or something). The value is more in their sentimental meaning if they have been passed down for generations in your family, or, if purchased from outside your family, in the appreciation of the superior craftsmanship that used to be taken for granted. New things have their place, but I confess I am partial to the old.

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