Can 30 Year Olds Wear Cargo Pants?

The other day, out of nowhere, Josh announced that since he’s 30 now he can’t wear his cargo pants anymore. Not even to mow the lawn.

Inwardly, I rejoiced. I loathe to iron cargo pants – that pocket on the side is so obnoxious to the ironer. Josh only has one pair of cargo pants, so it’s no big hit to his wardrobe if he phases them out.

Then yesterday I heard on the radio that no one aged 30 or older is allowed to dance the Soulja Boy. I informed Josh that he was not allowed to do the Soulja Boy anymore, and he said, “What’s the Soulja Boy?” So yeah, clearly that’s going to leave a huge gaping hole in his life as a 30 something. (Frankly after watching this instructional video, I’m thinking even 16 year olds look pretty ridiculous doing this dance, but maybe that’s just me. In any case, it’s most definitely not something you want to see a bunch of 30 year olds in cargo pants doing!)

Are there other things that you’re not allowed to do or wear after the age of 30? I need to know now, because I’ll only be in my 20s for another four months.

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