And Now, Let the Wild Nesting Start!

In a spurt of organization, the other day I went through all the many storage tubs of baby clothes, got Sarah’s things clean and folded in her drawers, sorted the clothes I’ve been accumulating for the other kids for the fall/winter, cleaned out and reorganized the closet in the nursery, and sorted all the cloth diapers. Amazingly, I didn’t store the cloth diapers by size (brilliant!) so I sat on the floor surrounded by piles of fluffy little diapers, trying to figure out which were the smallest. Above you can see a picture of the tiniest diapers, all read for little Sarah when she arrives. I think I have plenty to just use fitteds on her rather than prefolds, since I also found several packs of newborn disposables I’ve gotten free along the way, and I can use those at night and when we go out.

Looking at the little diapers, Hannah asked what they were, and when I said they were for Sarah, she said, “Sarah is going to have a little tiny bottom, huh?”

Most miraculously, all this organizing and sorting was accomplished while I refereed Hannah and Jack, who had great fun unstacking, disorganizing, and unsorting everything in my wake. They also enjoyed stuffing each other and the dog into the empty storage bins, and trying on all of the baby socks, both on their feet, and as “mittens” on their hands.

A good time was had by all, except probably not the poor long-suffering dog!

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