Wow, I Am "That Mom"

Oh yes. I did. I made my family dress up like cows and go to Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A. Hannah already has a cow costume, thanks to my aunt Catherine’s gracious gift last year, and I took a Sharpie to two of Josh’s old t-shirts and made a cow print for Josh and Jack. I had only one sheet of black construction paper, so I endeavored to make cow spots out of that to tape on my own outfit (you can’t see from the picture, but I had spots on my skirt as well. Thanks to these festive presentations, we all got free meals at Chick-Fil-A tonight for dinner! Much fun was had by all. Many of the other patrons commented on how cute Hannah looked in her little outfit, and we were relieved that other people were dressed up too. Two teenage girls came in after us sporting blown up surgical gloves strategically placed as udders!!! We thought that was funny.

On the way home, Hannah was clutching her imaginary friend Very Tiny Baby (yes, VTB is still around!) and I asked how Very Tiny Baby was doing. Hannah replied that Very Tiny Baby was crying because she did not get her own chicken nugget. I suggested that VTB was perhaps too young for chicken nuggets, and maybe she could have her own next year. This seemed to mollify VTB, thank goodness!

Hannah and Josh – can you see the family resemblance, or what?

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