What Is Your Funniest Rule?

As my children get older, I find myself making more and more bizarre “house rules.” Recently, for example, we had to start enforcing the new rule, “Don’t lick the miniblinds!”

Some of my rules are blatantly lifted from my own parents’ repertoire, such as “Look with your eyes, not with your hands” and “Be ladylike!”

The last time I was at the OB’s office, I read a great magazine of parenting essays (sadly I can’t remember the title of the magazine, nor could I find it on google) that included one hilarious piece on interesting parenting rules. One family had a toddler who whined dramatically every time she didn’t get her way. Her parents made the rule that they would only listen to her complaint if she would stop whining, put her hand to her forehead, and passionately declare, “Alas! I believe I shall perish!” I think I may have to institute that one for Hannah, as she is quite the drama queen.

What is the most interesting rule you’ve established with your own children? Or, if you don’t have kids, what was the most interesting rule your parents made up when you were young?

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