The Week in Books 2008, No. 26

As with “The Kitchen Boy” and “Rasputin’s Daughter,” in The Romanov Bride
Robert Alexander delivers a terrific story in an excellently researched historical setting. Unlike his other books, “The Romanov Bride” doesn’t have the same elements of mystery and surprise, but because the time period of the Russian Revolution is so fascinating, the book doesn’t suffer as a result. If you’re interested in Russia, its revolution, or class struggles in general, you’d likely find this book interesting and engaging.

Edith Schaeffer’s A Celebration of Children is a collection of short essays excerpted from her books What is a Family?
and 10 Things Parents Must Teach Their Children (And Learn for Themselves), neither or which I have read. I thought the essays were good, but I could tell that they were shortened versions and I wish I could have read the complete thoughts. Many of the topics in “Celebration” were covered more fully in Schaeffer’s excellent book The Hidden Art of Homemaking.
“Hidden Art” talks about ways to make your home a place of rest and beauty, how to foster creativity and close relationships with your children, and how to practice hospitality and reflect Christ in your home. I’d highly recommend The Hidden Art of Homemaking especially if you only have time for one Schaeffer book.

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