Turtle Death Match

During our visit to my grandparents we walked around their lake and Hannah fed the ducks out of her hand. I was proud of her fearlessness. When we got to the beach, we hoped there would be more ducks to meet, but so far we haven’t seen any. The pond near where we are staying at the beach may not have ducks, but it does boast a family of over 20 turtles! We found them one morning while we were taking a walk, and Hannah fed them a breakfast of her baggie full of Cheerios. I have never considered turtles as animals who relish cereal, but apparently I was wrong. The turtles were climbing all over each other and snapping at each other trying to get to the Cheerios. It was wild. One of the turtles had a cracked shell and I can see why! There were baby turtles, medium sized turtles, and one enormous one that Hannah declared was “the Grandad Turtle.”

The other interesting wildlife we’ve seen here includes some lizards and one large crab who delighted us by skittering sideways in the tunnels of a sand castle, looking at us with his weird eyes poking up out of his head.

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