Most people have at least passing familiarity with the color “pink” such as is found on newborn baby layettes and Hello Kitty accessories, but fewer are cognizant of the far more interesting hue I call “pank.” Whereas “pink” is a soft and unassuming color, “pank” asserts itself in a more vibrant fashion.

“Pank” is the color of the sunburn I got on the beach yesterday on top of a little bit of tan I had previously, after forgetting to put on sunscreen. It hurts. That’s “pank” for you. It’s perilously close to “spank.”

We’ve had an interesting trip thus far, and I can hardly believe that I went from Tuesday evening to Sunday evening without checking the internet! I had put in a couple of posts with advanced scheduling before we left home (LOVE that new blogging function!), and expected to have computer access on Friday when we arrived here at the beach (we’re near Kitty Hawk, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina if you’re tracking us – I’ll be the pregnant girl with the sunburn wearing the Princeton hat to try to keep the freckles from getting too dark!). However, my dad’s laptop is only picking up the wireless in the clubhouse and this is the first time I’ve trekked over here with the computer.

Stay tuned for interesting vacation tidbits…I’ll be scheduling a few more posts now!

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