Living Off the Land…Well, Not Really…But Kind Of…

I came home to some great garden bounty. Several phlox were blooming, along with some huge zinnias and black-eyed Susans, so I have a lovely centerpiece on the dining room table.
Our small garden plot yielded four cherry tomatoes (I realized ALL of the tomato plants I have are cherry tomatoes…I guess I can’t complain since I got them free from someone at church), a big ice cream bucket tub overflowing with green beans, and the hugest zucchini you ever saw!
No seriously, look, the zucchini is almost as big as Hannah!

For dinner tonight I cooked some of the green beans and a third of the zucchini with some garlic, tomatoes, barley, sausage, chili powder, cayenne pepper, cumin, onion powder, and a few other things. It came out very tasty, and the combined total cost of the meal (which will also give us a lunch of leftovers) was under 50 cents!

I grated up the rest of the zucchini and got enough to make six loaves of zucchini bread (three cooked while we had dinner), and I blanched the rest of the green beans to freeze them, which will give us at least two other meals with green beans (I think it was about 6 or 7 cups cooked).

Next year I hope I can plant more vegetables! It’s fun to have a harvest, albeit a small one!

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