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I always love walking in my front door after being away. I think it’s the high ceilings, plus the fact that I really do love most of my stuff. Today’s homecoming was even better because my wonderful, amazing, delightful husband had vacuumed and tidied and even MOPPED the house this afternoon, in spite of having mowed and edged the lawn and played a double-header for his softball team this morning. What a man!

We had a great visit with family and I enjoyed my “media fast” although it was not planned (I was only able to get to the internet twice, and one of those times I couldn’t log in to my email – again, how do I love thee, Blogger Post Scheduler Function Thingy? Let me count the ways!). I missed a lot, I presume, because Josh tells me that Alaina posted HUGE news, and according to Bloglines I missed a whopping 385 posts from the blogs I check. I check 37 blogs. Y’all were prolific posters. It will take me all of August to catch up!

I took advantage of my media break to do some thinking about my goals and plans for the fall, and am looking forward to being more organized and productive, at least for a few days until the shine wears off.

I can still hardly believe I did not go to CVS for ELEVEN days in a row!!!!!!! And I probably won’t go tomorrow so that is TWELVE days. Wow.

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

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