Helping Pregnancy Frustration

You may have wondered why I posted videos of babies yesterday since I am on my third pregnancy and have seen quite a few ultrasounds of my own children by now. I guess it really comes down to reminding myself to cut myself some much needed slack.

Even though I should know better, I’m still frustrated at times by the fact that I can’t do as much when I’m pregnant as I normally can. I get tired more easily, I have more discomforts, and I sleep even worse than usual. It helps me to spend time looking at videos of babies in the womb, or week-by-week descriptions and pictures of what is going on as the baby develops, because it reminds me that from the very moment the baby is conceived, enormous and amazing changes are taking place, all requiring lots of fuel and energy from me, but what a great cause to be part of!

I also spend a lot of time thinking about Psalm 139-:14. Truly, each person, from the moment of conception (and from the beginning of time when God ordained their existence, as Nicole pointed out on a previous post) is fearfully and wonderfully made.

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