An Episode of E.R.

“If you only see ONE EPISODE of E.R. this season, THIS is the one to see!”

Just kidding, I’m not going to talk about the TV show that should have been cancelled like a decade ago but still inexplicably runs in prime time.

Today in real life I had my first episode of taking a child to the Emergency Room. I guess that’s pretty good for 2.5 years of parenting. Jack had a fever of 104 yesterday and again today, so I kept him home from church while Josh took Hannah. In our one car. With our one cell phone. Leaving me at home with no vehicle, a phone that only sometimes works (GRR, Vonage!!!!), and a very sick boy. Around noon, Jack started breathing funny and his lips turned a dusky purplish blue. Then the skin on his arms and legs started looking mottled. I was freaking out and trying to pat his back to make him breathe. As soon as Josh got home, I grabbed the cell phone and called my guru Kim, who said to take him to the Emergency Room. Our insurance requires a doctor’s ok before doing that, so I called the 24 hour nurse at the pediatrician and she said to take him in too.

Of course, by the time we got there, Jack’s color had improved and I wondered if I should take him in after all, but I did. They gave him a higher dose of baby Motrin than I had been giving him and also one of baby Tylenol, swabbed his throat to make sure he didn’t have strep, checked his ears, and then said there was something odd about his breathing when they listened to his chest, so they sent him for a chest x-ray.

It’s pretty interesting how they take x-rays of babies. They have a little chair to strap them in with velcro strips, and a tiny little baby-sized x-ray apron. I had to wait outside since I’m pregnant, and Jack screamed his head off as soon as I left him alone in there, but it was over fast.

It’s a good thing we had the chest x-ray because as it turns out, he has pneumonia. I know, it’s a weird thing for a baby to get in the summer time, right? The doctor said they have been seeing a lot of cases of pneumonia in babies and little kids this year. They put Jack on an antibiotic and we go back on Tuesday to check to make sure it’s working.

Thankfully as I left the hospital I remembered seeing an ad that Meijer was doing free antibiotic prescriptions, so I got Jack’s prescription filled for free.

All in all Jack was very well behaved throughout the afternoon, in spite of missing his nap and feeling bad. He charmed all the nurses who went on and on about his gorgeous eyes and sweet curls and adorable smile. They even gave him a puppy dog pillow to take home. And he rewarded us by saying, “DOG!” for the first time.

Although this episode did not contain geysers of blood and guts, gun violence, exotic maladies, or hospital personnel who used to star on “Full House,” it was more than enough drama for me!

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