Always Be Prepared

In preparation for our upcoming trip, I made each of the children a tote bag to keep their toys and belongings in. Jack’s is more permanent, as I took a tote bag I got free for subscribing to a magazine long ago, embroidered his name on it, and hot glue gunned some star patches on it. For Hannah’s I used a plastic tote with pink edging that originally held a baby blanket, and used markers to decorate a label with her name on it, which I then taped on with clear tape. Jack’s bag has board books, a set of rubber blocks, some of his cars, one dump truck, and one other rolling toy. Hannah’s has books, her sewing cards, a new set of crayons and a new set of colored pencils (Walmart has school supplies on sale for like 17 cents each right now), some new notebooks, dress up stuff, My Little Ponies, and so on. Hopefully the bags will help keep the kids entertained in the car and also help corral the toys at relatives’ houses and the beach house.
In other preparedness news, Josh laughed at me for having two big bottles of Powerade in the pantry labeled “FOR LABOR! DO NOT DRINK!!” But I say, who knows if Powerade will go on sale again when I happen to have coupons, resulting in the store paying ME 15 cents to take them home before December? Personally I think one of the cruelest things about labor is not being allowed to eat or drink once you get to the hospital. I am ALWAYS thirsty even when I’m not laboring, so I think it’s a good idea to chug some liquids prior to getting to the hospital. Come November I’ll put them in the fridge so they will be chilled for the big event. It is good to be prepared!

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