The Long Lost Point and a Picture

Here I am with the kids before church this morning, all clean thanks to our electric hot water heater, and well fed on electric-made waffles.

I thought I should mention that the actual point of my previous post on our power outage was not to give you a sob story, but rather to point out how utterly dependent we are on electricity. It really did give me pause to think about what would happen if we were in a situation without power for an even long period of time, or during the frigid Indiana winter without electric heat.

According to the book I read last week (side note, the author of “The Forgotten Man,” Amity Shlaes, emailed me personally about the review, and mentioned that I had misspelled her last name in my post! I was simultaneously flattered that she wrote me, and mortified at my mistake! The OP has been changed!) even in the 1930s most Americans didn’t have electricity in their homes, or if they did, didn’t use it for very many things. Think of how far we’ve come since then. The vast majority of us really couldn’t live without electricity for very long now if we tried!

It almost makes you want to move to a self-sustaining farm with solar panels and well water and the like. At the very least it reinforces my ongoing desire for a patio cow.

I’m interested to know if any readers have things in place to weather an emergency loss of power, and if so, what are they?

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