Dinner tonight was scrumptious. I made Korean Barbecue Burgers from a Cooking Light recipe, with a few modifications (of course!). First, I carmelized sliced onion, then removed the onion from the saute pan to a plate and cooked the burgers in the pan. Then I removed the burgers from the pan and sauteed some fresh asparagus from the Farmer’s Market in the onion and burger juices left over. Instead of using buns for the burgers, I made buns out of some biscuit dough I got for practically free at Meijer this week. I think regular hamburger buns are really boring, so I usually make something instead. This was the first time I had used biscuit dough, and I thought the taste balanced quite nicely with the flavorful burgers topped with the carmelized onion. The burgers really were reminiscent of bulgogi and are totally worth a try if you like grilling or having burgers in the summer. We also had watermelon on the side.

This week I spent $22.24 at Meijer and $3 at the Farmer’s Market (at first I thought that was a lot to pay for asparagus, but then I realized it was bigger than two bunches of grocery store asparagus, was fresh, and was organic. Totally worth it). I got a veritable TON of groceries for that small amount which was a blessing. Our other dinners for the week will include/have included:

  • Taco Salad (with some lettuce from our own garden!)
  • Tofu and veggie fried rice (the tofu was free and has to be used somewhere!)
  • Whole wheat pasta with vegetable marinara sauce, peas, homemade breadsticks
  • An odd pear/custard/egg dish that actually I already made yesterday. It is from comment #5 on the “Say No To Kraft Dinner Recipe Carnival.” It was ok, but I probably won’t make it again. We had asparagus on the side.
  • Homemade pizza

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