My Older Man

According to Josh’s friends, he has looked approximately 38 since he was 14, so I’m used to people thinking he’s much older than I am. But now he’s actually in a different decade than I am for seven and a half whole months, and I feel that can only add to our aura and luminosity as a couple.

I taught Hannah to sing the birthday song Josh’s family sings (not the traditional “Happy Birthday”), and she was so excited to sing it for him and wanted to bang a drum as accompaniment. When the big moment came, however, she got stage fright and only banged the drum softly while I sang. After a bit, she got over it and decided to try again, “Now I sing it myself.” Doing everything herself is a very big thing for her these days.

We had a low key celebration mostly because Josh prefers low key birthdays. The birthday cake has been postponed until later in the week due to Josh’s busy schedule as a politico in the last few days running up to our primary on Tuesday. This leaves me plenty of time to wonder if I can manage to make caramel without a candy thermometer, since I dropped my candy thermometer on the floor while making yogurt and it smashed into smithereens.

Have you noticed how the word “smithereens” has dropped out of common parlance lately? Sad.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Josh, and may all your wishes come true even though the only candles you had to blow out were the ones on the dinner table, and I made you use a proper snuffer on them so as not to get wax on the dining room table. I love you!

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