My Good Helper

Hannah has gotten to the age where she is really helpful to me. There is a balance between not doing your own job as a homemaker because you expect your kids to do everything, and teaching children to be cheerful and helpful members of the family. A long time ago Crystal posted some ideas of how she taught her daughter to help around the house (she re-posted some of them yesterday), and I took several of those ideas to use with Hannah.
Since I do most cleaning with Shaklee Basic H, an organic and safe for children cleaner (if you’re interested, my aunt sells Shaklee and I would love to refer you!), I can spray some Basic H solution on a little cloth and turn Hannah loose to help clean while I am busy washing dishes or cooking dinner. She is very good at finding little spots on the floor, or wiping the cabinet fronts. She also loves to dust, although she is not thorough enough to do it by herself. These little things help me a lot and keep her occupied near me so we can still talk and interact while I’m busy with other things.

Among other things, Hannah is also very helpful at fetching diapers and wipes when I’m changing Jack, putting clothes in the laundry basket, and putting clean clothes away. With encouragement, she’s also good at putting away her toys and straightening her desk (although as I type this I realize we skipped cleaning the playroom today, and it’s strewn with wooden blocks and puzzle pieces and Jack’s trucks and Mog the Cat who somehow has sadly lost both of her glass eyes now!).
I think my favorite help is Hannah’s ability to set the table! I have to get out the silverware because there is a child lock on that drawer, but once she’s handed a fistful of cutlery, she adeptly places each piece in the correct spot. Lots of adults don’t even know how to properly set a table, so I think that’s a good skill to master early!

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