It might be, it could be, it is…a homerun.

A friend clued me in to Smitten Kitchen today and this fabulous made-from-scratch chocolate pudding recipe. Is homemade pudding really that much better than the Hunts pudding packs you have in your pantry that came with the $1 off peanut butter coupons inside?

Yes. Yes. A thousand times, yes.

First of all, the recipe is not hard, but it’s very satisfying because you’ll use your double boiler that you got as a wedding present but rarely use, and that will make you feel that you’re achieving culinary excellence and exercising panache around the kitchen. Second, it will provide a use for the 72% cacao baking chocolate bar in your cupboard that is only still there because 72% cacao chocolate tastes like dirt if you try to eat it plain, which you only know because you tried it once in a moment of desperation. Third, if you can bring yourself to actually wait for the pudding to set before digging in, you will find it to be amazing and decadent and scrumtrillescent.

The sensation of eating a Hunts pudding pack versus the sensation of eating this homemade version is analagous to the sensation of watching kids you don’t even know play T-ball in a sandlot versus the sensation of watching the Yankees play the Red Sox in the World Series.

So what are you waiting for?

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