Best Quality Birthday

Here is the sweet birthday boy! Everyone always says they can hardly believe it’s been a year since their baby was born, but I feel like Jack has been with us a lot longer. He’s my little buddy. I love that he likes to be with me so much (Hannah was always more independent, Jack is my cuddly baby). Can you tell in the picture above how red his hair is getting? And it curls a little around his ears, which is so adorable.
Sometimes I regret not having a better camera. Mine has a significant time delay so I often lose perfect shots because by the time the camera takes the picture, the subject has changed faces or crawled away someplace. Above, Hannah volunteered to hold Jack still for a picture, and they cracked each other (and me!) up over some silly thing. Most of the time, Hannah and Jack really enjoy each other.
As I’m usually the family photographer, we have very few shots of me with the kids. Above Jack is not smiling and I’m smiling too big, but at least it proves we exist together in time and space. 🙂
Hannah graciously helped Jack figure out what presents were all about. She wasn’t jealous of Jack’s birthday, because she spent all week learning that her birthday is in January, and when all of her other relatives have birthdays.
Jack loved this puzzle Fran sent him, though he was perturbed by the plastic packaging and wanted to get to the pieces right away!
Hannah also helped Jack ride his new riding toy. Since Hannah has trouble sharing her tricycle, it will be nice for Jack to have his own baby toy to ride that he can push with his feet.
And here is my masterpiece cake. Josh and I agreed that this is, indeed, a “First Child Quality” cake. I modeled it after Jack’s dump truck, and miraculously the blue and yellow frosting came out the right colors even though I completely used up both bottles on this project. Josh thinks normal people only buy food coloring once a decade, and finds it funny that I buy it so frequently, but I argue that most people probably don’t make homemade frosting and dye it, and maybe they don’t like red velvet cake as much as I do.
Presented with his piece of cake, Jack promptly picked up the whole thing and shoved it in his mouth. Notice the sippy cup ignored at right. As it is his first birthday, I gave him cow’s milk in his sippy for the first time. He didn’t like it. I wasn’t that surprised, since Hannah wouldn’t drink cow milk until about 2 months after she weaned. Oh well, it was worth a try!
Jack continued to stuff that piece of cake in his mouth with abandon, and managed to eat the whole thing! Wow! What a boy!

We love you so much Jack! You are a best quality boy for certain!

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