The Week In Books 2008, No. 13

After starting and rejecting several books this week (life is too short to read boring or mediocre books, in my opinion) it was a pleasure to read Deafening by Frances Itani. The book begins with the story of Grania, a little girl who became deaf after a bout with Scarlet Fever at the age of five. Grania’s family copes with her deafness in different ways, culminating in sending her to a boarding school for deaf children. I thought Itani’s treatment of Grania’s impressions and interactions with the world around her were sensitive and fascinating. The second part of the book finds Grania grown up, and married to a hearing man, Jim, who goes to fight in World War I two weeks after their wedding. Jim’s experiences with the horrors of war change the way he views the world in an interesting parallel to the different way Grania views the world because of her deafness. Ultimately the fact that Grania and Jim accept each other’s uniqueness and strive to stay connected in spite of their differences gives their marriage strength.

My friend Jennie has been following the dietary suggestions in Breaking the Vicious Cycle with her two autistic children and has seen remarkable improvement in their symptoms. Since my brother has Crohn’s Disease, which is also discussed in the book, I was interested to find out about the particulars.

The book includes an in-depth look at some of the research and similarities found in the way healthy people digest food and the way people with digestive disorders and some other conditions like autism digest food. Although the book stops short of declaring those conditions curable, it does present significant information indicating that symptoms can be improved and, to some degree, controlled by making changes in diet. The dietary suggestions hinge around the digestability of certain types of sugars (sugar being present in many things other than table sugar and desserts, of course) and seems easier to follow than some other approaches I have read about in the past.

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Deuteronomy, Psalms, Luke, I Corinthians
“Quiet Moments in Prayer” by Lloyd Ogilvie
“Mimosa” by Amy Carmichael

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