Traitor to the Cause

Sometimes it seems that Mommy Culture is particularly susceptible to all-or-nothing-ism. In our devotion to our particular pet causes and methods (many children or few, natural childbirth or not, breastfeeding or not, cloth diapers or disposable or potty training your newborn, sleep training or not, spanking or not, homeschooling or private school or public school, just to name a few from the endless list) it becomes increasingly difficult to be honest about the drawbacks or frustrations we’re experiencing, as if by admitting we’re having a rough time we are selling out our issue.

I do this all the time and I think it’s unfortunate, because by glossing over my struggles and staying at a superficial level with people, I miss out on the wise counsel and perspective that other people can give.

Certainly I don’t think we should all jump up and start complaining about everything or airing our dirty laundry to the world wide web. I think there is benefit to being cheerful and content whatever our circumstances. Sometimes it’s very encouraging to read about someone who is really gutting it out with a commitment to something, as it gives me confidence to keep pressing on. However, sometimes it is nice to stumble across someone who can admit the downsides to something while still affirming the worthwhile nature of the cause in question.

Having now dispensed with my lead-in section, which unexpectedly took a very serious turn there somewhere, it seems a little anti-climactic to reveal that I set out to write this post about how I got a pack of disposable diapers for free at CVS this week and I’ve been using them on the kids at night, because free disposables are cheaper than very inexpensive cloth diapers.

As you might have guessed, I’m actually frying much bigger fish than diapers right now (wow, frying diapers, there’s a visual/olfactory nightmare for you!), but I will leave you with my diaper sell-out confession for now! Hm, maybe I shouldn’t have typed this last paragraph right before going to cook dinner!

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