My poor tired and preoccupied brain was relieved to find a blogging idea for the day over at The Nesting Place: if you could have an ideal and totally unrealistic robot self, what would it do for you?

First of all, RoboCatherine would sleep for me. As with many things, I enjoy sleeping, but I am not good at it. I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sleeper. This is a major drag. So the robot would sleep while I, far more rested and finally free of the dark circles under my eyes, was free to do other things like reading or making (ok, starting) Jack’s baby book.

Second, RoboCatherine would weed my flower beds, till the soil, and figure out a way to create a compost bin in my backyard such that the neighborhood association would not find out about it since the association foolishly prohibits composting. If in addition to getting around the compost prohibition my robot self could figure out a way to get around the no clotheslines rule, that would be an added bonus.

Third, my robot self would learn useful skills like how to read Greek, how to do smocking, and how in the world to get the hard water marks out of my master bathroom shower.

I’m sure other needs would arise along the way, but those are the first three to come to my poor tired mind.

Since the robot self option seems sadly out of reach at the moment, I plan to take an Ambien and devote 8 hours to sleep before becoming active while a little glowing butterfly floats above my head. Or is that what happens when you take Lunesta? At any rate, I plan to sleep!

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