Reining In the Drift

Although we keep a general flow of events in our days, I find that without frequent tune-ups we tend to drift away from structure. It takes a while of messed up days before I realize we need to get our schedule back on track.

It is with some embarrassment that I admit it has been months since I had it together with a good routine. Things feel apart around Thanksgiving because we were traveling, then sick, then trying to do Christmas here and then in DC, more sickness, blah blah blah. Lately things have been getting out of hand with bedtime struggles so tonight Josh and I decided things have to change.

I consulted my favorite sleep book, “Good Night Sleep Tight” for the amount of sleep the kids need as a 10 month old and a 2.25 year old, and mapped out a basic wake up time, nap time, bed time, and meal time schedule. It gives me a better idea how I can fit things in, and I hope it will help all of us.

Do y’all have schedules, a general flow of events, or just kind of take things as they happen? Do you think it gets less important to have a set schedule as kids get older, or more important?

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