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Since Rose asked, here is the core schedule I made up. We followed it today with fairly good results. Jack is going to have to get used to regular naps (he prefers to take one good nap then several catnaps, but I’m consolidating to two naps) and I’m working on not feeding him before I go to bed (I know, I know, it’s just a habit!) by moving that feeding time back in slow intervals.

Amazingly enough, after only one day of this, we actually did NOT have a bedtime struggle!!!! Hallelujah!

I’ll do another post tomorrow on how I’m working out when to do my Bible reading and prayer time, exercise, shower, and so on.

7:00 am Wake children up, nurse Jack
7:15am Feed children breakfast, clean up kitchen or mop or dust or something while talking with the children and singing songs upon request (for some reason breakfast always reminds Hannah of “I’m a little teapot short and stout” so we have a few rousing renditions of that daily!)
7:45am Get children dressed, make beds
8:00am Circle Time, read Bible stories
8:20am Play and reading
8:30am Jack morning nap
10:00am Jack up from nap, nurse Jack (some days this will be shorter, but I’m waking him up if he sleeps past an hour and a half because I don’t want the morning nap to be the longest one)
10:10am Hannah’s snack
10:20am Remind Hannah about the bathroom if she hasn’t already gone
10:30am Play and reading
11:45am Clean up the playroom
12:00pm Eat lunch
12:30pm Hannah to bathroom, read a book or two, nurse Jack
1:00pm Afternoon nap/quiet time
3:00pm Wake children up (ha ha ha, as if Hannah will be sleeping!), nurse Jack
3:10pm Hannah’s snack
3:15pm Take a walk, go to the playground, play in the back yard, or ride trike if good weather, play on piano, do crafts, or play and read inside if bad weather
5:00pm Remind Hannah about the bathroom if she hasn’t already gone
5:10pm Finish preparing dinner
5:45pm Dinner
6:15pm Baths for the children, brush teeth, in pajamas
6:45pm Family Bible/prayer/songs, nurse Jack
7:00pm Children to bed

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