The Week In Books 2008, No. 11

I was unsure about this book because the bookflap synopsis didn’t really grab me, but I’m so glad I read it anyway because the flaps didn’t do justice to the storytelling.Dwelling Places is not just a book about a Midwestern family in a depressed area, it’s more about people and how they deal with stress and change and loss. I thought Vinita Hampton Wright wrote with a lot of insight and depth about her characters, and managed to end with hope rather than futility. I was particularly interested in the way she wrote each character’s struggle with faith. It was interesting to read about how the characters felt about faith and God even if they didn’t have personal relationships with God. To say more would give away a major part of the plot, so I can’t really finish that thought, and instead will recommend the book and move on to the next one…

Amy K. recommended “Parenting with Scripture” in this review and I also found it to be a useful book. I like how the book is organized by topic and each topic has several verses or passages, including some that are short enough for a toddler. I made note of several to add to the ones we work on with Hannah (right now we’re focusing on “Do everything without complaining or arguing” – Philippians 2:14) and I imagine I will refer back to this book again in the future. IMCPL has it if you want to check it out.

American Wholefoods Cuisine is billed as the next best thing since Joy of Cookingbut I would not go nearly that far. It’s a vegetarian cookbook, and some of the suggested meals sounded Gnarsty (that’s nasty with a twang AND a capital G, which means super duper ex-ter-emely nasty). I did make note of a few recipes that used seasonal produce like eggplants, so that this summer when I’m coming home from the Farmer’s Market with 8 beautiful eggplants, I don’t have to wonder what to do with them.

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Numbers, Psalms, Luke, I Corinthians
“Quiet Moments in Prayer” by Lloyd John Ogilvie
So far I have started two of my six new library books and neither has grabbed me, so I’ve been doing crafty things and spring cleaning instead. Since it’s a RARE day when I feel more like mopping than reading, I am taking advantage of this fit while it lasts! I think today I will vacuum my box springs! Seriously! I’d vacuum under the bed, but it’s packed with stuff (we have no storage space) so I don’t need to do that. As Hannah says, “Wellll, it’s a mess, mess, MESS!”

Speaking of Hannah, the Kids’ Week in Books is here.

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