There’s a Hole In My Cashmere Sweater, Dear Liza

I believe in wearing and using the nice things that I have. So doing improves my mood, makes me feel pretty, and generally enhances the atmosphere around the house. Yesterday I blogged about how I use pretty dishes, today I will relate a sob story about one of my favorite sweaters.

My sophomore year of college, I bought a camel colored cashmere sweater. It was expensive, but at the time I spent a lot of money on clothes, and as it turned out, it was a good buy. One of my roommates, who is Korean-American, called it my “yahm-jonneh” sweater. I probably just butchered that, because I don’t know how to spell Korean in English. My roommate almost certainly doesn’t read my blog, so it probably doesn’t matter. Anyway, from what I can remember, yahm-jonneh means calm, relaxed, or serene. The sweater really did make me feel yahm-jonneh, because it was beautiful, but functional, warm but not heavy, and pulled-together, yet comfortable.

Yesterday, after nine years of very frequent wear, I noticed that the thin patch on one of the elbows of the sweater had finally turned into a hole. I have sewn up holes in sweaters before, but I find they are least obtrusive in dark colored sweaters, and given the size of this hole (a little bigger than a quarter) I think sewing it up would not be a perfect option. I suppose I could sew it up that way and just wear it around the house.

What would you do if this happened to one of your favorite things? Would you give up wearing it out of the house? Would you make it into some cute and crafty thing like Heather L. does? Would you do something completely creative that I haven’t even considered yet?

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