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If you’re like me, you often borrow your husband’s iPod and proceed to listen to the song “Wild Horses” by the Sundays fifteen times in a row, all the while wishing you knew any other songs that matched with it so you could make a playlist for times when you’re in the mood to hear “Wild Horses” by the Sundays, which is pretty frequently. However, in order to make a playlist you have to navigate through your husband’s eleventy-twelve kajillion songs, most of which you don’t know, and that gets frustrating, so you don’t bother. Instead, you listen to “Wild Horses” one more time.

Other than getting on single song addictions as described above, I stick to playlists, because those are like mix tapes but without the fancy homemade decoupage cover art, and you don’t have to admit that you’re so old you used to have a huge collection of mix tapes.

This is where my newest pastime comes in. Friday I read Natural Mommy’s post about the Music Genome Project at I love, love, love this concept.

Here’s how it works: you sign up for a free Pandora account and tell Pandora an artist or song you like, then Pandora’s magic algorithm sorts through the distinctive qualities about your artist or song and creates a “station” that plays songs you probably like. If a song comes on that you don’t like, you give it a thumbs down and the magic algorithm adjusts to your preferences. This is AMAZING.

For example, I put in Alison Krauss, who is one of my favorite artists, and Nickel Creek (no, not NickelBACK, Nickel CREEK! What do you take me for!?!?!) which is a similar type of band. Pandora brilliantly identified tons of artists from across several genres who have a similar sound and somehow this works and I like it!

Sadly, I tried to create a channel based on “Wild Horses” and it was a total bust. Apparently “Wild Horses” is unlike any other song, so I’m stuck with playing it fifteen times in a row to get my fix. But I’m so happy with my Alison Krauss station that I am unconcerned.

Just so you know, I don’t get any points or money or free bits of Tupperware or anything if you sign up for Pandora. I just think you should because it’s so rad and you will love it to bits and pieces. Seriously.

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