Spring Inside Anyway

Yesterday may have been the first day of spring, but Weather.com tells me that right now it is 29 degrees at my house! Sheesh! Well, it’s springtime inside anyway, because another thing I did this week in lieu of reading was to add some spring decorating touches.
For the past month I have been saving eggshells by poking holes in each end and blowing the egg out of the shell, then washing the shell and hoping it wouldn’t break. This week Hannah and I dyed the eggs with food coloring. I only have yellow and blue food coloring on hand (having completely used up my red and green on that whole decorating the camel sugar cookie project the Christmas before last) so that is why the eggs are all shades of yellow, blue, and green. Now Hannah knows that blue and yellow make green, which is a useful and handy bit of information for a two year old to know, I’m sure.

In the center of our dining room table, which is our only table since we don’t have a breakfast room, I filled two silver what-do-you-call-those-things and my silver wine coaster with spanish moss and put in some eggs and little ribbons and some little china bunnies and china eggs. Then I put new light sage candles in my crystal candlesticks, and I think the effect is fairly charming. Since I think eggs are evocative of spring and not just Easter, I plan to leave this montage as is for a while.
The ceilings on our first floor are very high, so I try to keep the mantel decorated with big things for scale. The pitcher of acuba leaves is always out in some form or fashion every season, because those bad boys don’t die for anything. They literally last for years in water. It’s just incredible. I added a bow made of three different types of purple ribbon to make it more springy and cover up the ugly bits of the stems. On the right are a few pieces of my Jamaica china pattern. I told you I always have some of it out!
You can’t tell from how dark this picture is, but the candles are a springy light teal. I put out a little china bunny and a china duck because bunnies and ducks are kind of spring-like. The other little china doo-dad is because you have to have things in groups of odd numbers.
I had two extra eggs, so I put one in an egg cup and the other on a napkin ring. It’s not that fabulous, but it’s a little something.

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