I bet when y’all saw “spectacles” in your blog readers you thought I was posting about circuses (circi?) and pyrotechnics.

Sadly, I’m just writing about eye glasses.

I got glasses at the end of third grade. I spent all of third grade aware that I needed glasses, but trying to pretend I didn’t. In seventh grade I was finally allowed to get contact lenses and I never wanted to wear glasses again. Some people look clever and sophisticated in glasses, but I just look like a little dorky kid in them, so I avoid wearing my glasses at all costs, taking out my contacts right before bed and putting them in first thing in the morning.

This weekend my eyes started bothering me. There seems to be a new pollen out that is attacking my eyes so I can wear my contacts for a while, but then it starts to feel like my eyes are full of sawdust and splinters. It’s the pits.

The glasses I have been wearing the past few afternoons and evenings are old – I think maybe I got them in high school. They are the wrong prescription, which gives me a headache. Josh thinks they are “cute” but he has to say that because he’s married to me and has a vested interest in being nice to me. The kids think it’s a marvelous game that I have glasses on. Jack wants to grab at them, and Hannah laughs and says, “Why you wearin’ glasses, HoneyMama? You so funny!”

I hope the pollen fades out soon, but in case it doesn’t, don’t laugh when next you see me in person. My inner dorky kid self might get her feelings hurt.

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