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One of my favorite quotes is from “The Great Muppet Caper” when the Muppets are trying to figure out a way to get from a third floor balcony to the ground below and Bunsen Honeydew (that’s him in the photo at left, with his assistant Beaker) says, “I know! Maybe we could jump part way!” Then everyone looks at him like he is plumb crazy and Bunsen Honeydew says, “I didn’t say it was a good suggestion!”

I actually used that on my college application as my favorite quote. It is so descriptive of my life. I have tons of ideas, but only a precious few of them are good ones! Still, I gamely try them out, with mixed results, especially in the culinary department.

Which brings me to my story. Today for lunch I made french toast, which used up all the bread. Josh needs a sandwich for his lunch tomorrow, and we have friends coming over for a playdate who also will need lunch, so I needed to make bread. I make bread all the time, so “no big whupp” as They say when They are abbreviating “no big whupp-dee-doo.” It saves time and air to say “whupp” instead of “whupp-dee-doo” and that cuts down on Global Warming.

If you are also concerned about Global Warming, please contact me so that I can sell you Bargain Priced Carbon Offsets by abbreviating stuff for you and burying coffee grounds and banana peels in my backyard and whatnot. Believe me, you will sleep better at night, and so will I.


Right. So I was going to make bread, but I had an idea. Instead of putting my bread out on the counter or running the dryer to get things warmer so it would rise, I decided to put the dough in the bowl, cover it with a kitchen towel, and put it in the warming drawer of my oven set on low. I congratulated myself for thinking of a place to put the dough that would be warm and free from drafts, and went off to check my email.

After composing a long and heartfelt missive to my little group of best friends from when I was in 9th and 10th grade (hi girls!) I went to check on the dough and put it in for the second rise. When I opened the warming drawer, the first thing I noticed was that my nice Williams-Sonoma kitchen towel was burned in the shape of the warming coils. How glad am I that it didn’t really catch fire? Very glad. Also the dough had formed a hard shell on top, probably due to the proximity of the heating elements that had burned the towel.

Undeterred, I turned off the drawer, punched the dough down through the crust, and shaped it into a loaf to put in the loaf pan. It is now rising for the second time, in the open and OFF drawer, on the idea that maybe the drawer will retain some warmth and still sort of protect the loaf from drafts despite being open. Let’s just hope the dog doesn’t discover it.

It’s all fun and games around here, my friends, it’s all fun and games!

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