My Extra Afternoon

I don’t really understand why February 29 is thought of as an “extra” day as if you are supposed to have all this free time, as if there was a second Saturday and no one needed meals and no diapers needed to be changed and all that, but actually I did wind up having an extra afternoon of sorts thanks to my mother-in-law.

Josh’s mom offered to come over and take care of the children all afternoon and loan me her car so I could have some free time. At first I thought I would get groceries, but then I decided to really take time for myself because I can’t remember the last time I did that. My mother-in-law left a bottle of water and a very encouraging card with a gift in the front seat, and I went out. I had to stop at CVS to transfer a prescription (and get my $25 – I transferred FOUR prescriptions over the past few days since we are changing insurance this month, and with my CVS coupons that got me $100 in gift cards, which I used to pay for the prescriptions!), but then I went on.

I stopped at Old Navy because Josh needed some new jeans and his last pair was from Old Navy and he is a creature of Habit. Since I was there, I tried on lots of pants, and didn’t find any I liked. One pair was really fabulous except they were “ultra low rise” which, if you didn’t know, is code for “these pants are not suitable to wear in public” and thus I did not get them. Still, it was gratifying to fit into a smaller size than I have worn in a long time.

Next I went to Barnes and Noble and used a B&N gift card I got for Christmas to buy myself a mocha light frappucino to enjoy in a big cushy chair while I read my book for an hour without thinking about all the things I should be doing instead.

I stopped at the mall to see if Sears had the Lands End section set up, which they did, but strangely all of the pants were in Very Large Sizes. I might go back later because they said they were still getting things in stock.

Finally, I got my hair cut. Actually it was just trimmed, but it was high time for it.

So my “extra” afternoon was a delightful break and I’m grateful to my mother-in-law for making it happen. What did you do on your extra day?

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