Monday Lists Are Longest

I try not to do much housework on Sundays, apart from obviously necessary stuff like cleaning up spills and whatnot. This weekend I put off housework on Friday and Saturday too because I was focusing on creating some memorable traditions for the kids, which I think was a worthwhile trade-off. Did I mention that the dog is having her semi-annual Shed-a-Thon so huge hanks of black dog hair flake off of her sorry hide with her every move like dandelion fluff if dandelion fluff was black dog hair?

Needless to say, this Monday the house that always looks a little messy on Mondays looked down-right grungy.

I am pleased to report, however, that a mere 15 hours after I got up, my entire Monday To Do list of 43 items is completed! I can’t even remember the last time I crossed EVERYTHING off of a to do list! I did most of it before the kids got up and while they were down for naps, so we had plenty of time for normal playing and singing and reading and even went and drew with sidewalk chalk on the patio. We also found a gnarsty enormous bug carcass in the flower bed, which was the highlight of Hannah’s afternoon. She was still talking about it when she got ready for bed. Actual dialogue follows:

Hannah: Mama, ‘member dat big bug outside?
Me: Yes, it was gross.
Hannah: I wanna go eat it.
Me: No you don’t, it would be all icky and crunchy.
Hannah: Yike a rice cake?
I changed the curtains again, and I’m still dissatisfied, though in a different way. I couldn’t stop thinking the white curtains looked like sheets, so I took them down. The tablecloth fabric for the valance wasn’t long enough to get to the edge of the window bay, so I opened it up to use the border (that is actually part of the tablecloth) on either side. Now I think it looks even more like a tablecloth nailed up to the top of my window. The only thing I can think of doing is to cut the tablecloth to get at more of the fabric, but I’m reluctant to do that because I might want to use it as a tablecloth again someday, you never know. I will probably take it down and start from square one again next week. Ack.

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