"Whoa" like "Rad" or "Whoa" like "Gag Me"?

This is what our bedroom window looked like yesterday morning (excuse the lighting, I had to play with it to get it to show up at all):
Then, inspired by the Nesting Place (Look at these pretty curtains!) I decided to get a little creative with the window. Calico Corners is always calling my name, but that’s a little over my budget right now so I looked around at what I had on hand. Here is what I had: white twin bed top sheets and a tablecloth I got on clearance at Williams Sonoma.

The tablecloth didn’t quite go across the whole window so I decided to hang the sheets on the side. I sort of combined this curtain idea with this valance idea. I didn’t have drapery tacks, so I used tiny nails.

Here is the result. When Josh got home, I didn’t mention it to him, I just waited for him to go into the bedroom. That’s when he said, “WHOA.” I still haven’t figured out if he meant “whoa” like “rad!” or “whoa” like “gag me with a spoon.”
What do you think? Good? Bad? Indifferent? I’m not sure what I think. I woke up this morning determined to take down the white curtain part because I think maybe they look too much like sheets nailed to the wall, which, in point of fact, is exactly what they are. Maybe I could take the curtains down and put some sort of contrasting something or other up on either side of the tablecloth part. Or maybe I’ll take down the whole shebang and go back to the drawing board…

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