Let’s Tidy Up The Blog

Remember that part in Mary Poppins where they play “Let’s Tidy Up The Nursery” and sing the song about the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way? I looked for that on YouTube, but the clips started just after Julie Andrews said “Let’s Tidy Up the Nursery” so you’ll have to either pull out your old VHS copy of Mary Poppins or just imagine it.

At any rate, instead of reading tonight I decided to play around with my blog. I was even tempted to get all crazy and rename it, but Josh thought that might be confusing to people. If only I had known when I started this gig that I would still be blogging two and a half years later, I would have picked something pithier. Oh well. Bygones (I looked on YouTube for a clip of Fish from Ally McBeal saying “Bygones” like he always did, but I couldn’t find that either. What happened to you, YouTube? You used to be cool!).

As you may notice, I put in a new section where you can click a button to subscribe to my blog in a feed reader, or subscribe via email, or send me an email directly. Don’t be fooled by the cute little chicklets, it took me for-stinking-ever to put them on! I had to have them though, because “chicklet” is such a fun word to say. It rolls around in your mouth just like the candies do.

I also cleaned up my links a little, and changed my profile, and my picture, and the way my Library Thing books show up.

I’m still thinking about maybe adding in one or two Blogads, but I need an invitation to Blogads, and if I add any ads I want them to be unobtrusive.

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about some more of the CRAZY crafty things I have done this week. You know when your husband comes home and says, “WHOA” you have blog fodder!

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