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Monica commented on my earlier post about curtains that she needed to see how the curtains fit in to the whole wall. The door to our room is positioned such that I can’t get a shot of the whole wall, so I decided to take a few different pictures to give you the panorama effect. Hopefully this will give you a better sense of the scale of the room so y’all can finish telling me if my instinct to pull the white curtain parts down and extend the valance somehow is right on, or if I should leave the treatment as is.
Above is what you see from standing in the doorway to our room.
Moving left, here is the wall our bed is on (it’s a king size if that helps with scale). Our bathroom is to the left, the curtains are on the right.
Moving right from the window is the little sitting area. Painting our bedroom (which Josh did for my anniversary present one year, bless him!) really helped make it cosier, and so did adding the little sitting area.
Finally, this is the view from the back wall. The door is to our closet, the door into the room is on the right behind my dresser. I should have taken a picture of the dresser, it’s probably my favorite piece of furniture. I got it at an antique store because it reminded me of a dresser my grandparents had that I loved. It has a marble top and a mirror with carved curlique things around it. The top of the dresser has two built in boxes, and one either side of the mirror is a little shelf to put candles on if you were primping by candlelight. I never do that, since we have electricity and all, but the possibility is there, should the need arise.

But I digress. What do we think of the curtains now?

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