Dish Carnival

I love and adore dishes. I like to have a beautiful table setting, and I like variety. Like a magpie, I have an affinity for shiny and pretty things. Unlike a magpie, I especially love things that hold meaning or memories for me, or that have family significance.

Since Rocks In My Dryer is having a dish carnival today, I thought I would participate. Below is a representative sampling of my dish collections. If you are a burglar, please ignore this post, and be assured that the walls have eyes, oh yes they do.

First is our wedding china – Autumn by Lenox. My mom has dessert plates in this pattern that she mixes with her gold band china (a very pretty effect) and growing up I always knew I would want that pattern. Fortunately Josh was ok with that so we registered for it and have 12 place settings plus a few serving pieces (we didn’t have to register for everyday china, see below).

The china is cream with an intricate border and medallion design featuring fruit and flowers, but it is NOT “bridey” like so much china. Gag me. I hate bridey. Of course, if you have bridey china, I still like YOU, I just won’t be stealing your china. OK, I won’t steal your china even if it’s not bridey. I just don’t steal china. That’s not what I’m about.

We do actually use this china, even though it is hand wash only (it has gold band, and gold band flakes off in the dishwasher over time), and every time I use it it brings joy to my heart. I like to look at it in my china cabinet and think happy thoughts.

When my grandparents downsized last summer they gave me this Haviland Limoges china that belonged to my grandfather’s grandmother. Given it’s age, it’s really startling that it survived. It’s very delicate and calm looking, though most of the gold band has rubbed off. I like to think about my great great grandmother using it and wonder what she was like. Her name was Jane Pinckard Reynolds but they called her “Pink” which I think is so fun and cute. If I ever have a daughter named Jane Pinckard, I am going to call her Pink too.

This is one of my everyday china sets – Jamaica by Villeroy and Boch. It’s discontinued but my mom finds it on eBay occasionally. I love this china because it is so cheerful and bright and it’s perfect for breakfast. It’s also nice for luncheons and has a great spring and summery feel to it. The serving pieces in this pattern have a particularly pleasing shape to them, so I almost always have some on display somewhere, even when it’s not spring or summer.

When we lived in Germany, I saw this Keltcraft pattern by Noritake on sale and used my babysitting money to buy a set of 8 plus serving pieces. In hindsight I think, wow, I was such a dork in middle school and high school for buying china and furniture and decorating objects with my babysitting money rather than Seventeen magazine or Lee Press On Nails. On the other hand, being a dork has it’s advantages, and those advantages are now decorating my house. The china is sturdy but still pretty, and has nice fruit designs with a moss green band. Amazingly, none has broken, except one dinner plate that is chipped on the bottom side but nobody ever notices that.

We also have several pieces of Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit china, some of which came from my mom who saved it from when I was little, and some of which has been found here and there since. If I ever see any of this pattern, I get it. I just think it’s so precious for tea parties and little children’s suppers.

Josh’s mom gave him this china to use when he was a bachelor, because it has scenes from early America painted around the rim. We don’t use it a whole lot, but it’s microwave safe and sturdy. Except for the teacup Hannah dropped and broke one time. It’s nice to be able to teach her about how to use china without using the special china.

My grandmother gave me some of these cute apple shaped plates and bowls when I first set up housekeeping after graduating college. The plates are fun for a summer salad or snack with the children, and the bowls are a nice size for a tiny serving of ice cream or to feed the baby rice cereal out of.

At the same time as the apple plates, my grandmother also gave me a few of these leaf shaped plates, which are nice for a salad or to put a bit of something cheese-and-crackery on.

We have various other odds and ends of different patterns, but this post is growing long as it is! If you’re so inclined, pop over to the dish carnival and check out other people’s collections!

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