Basket Cases

Don’t you love glue guns? They’re almost as much fun as those scanning guns you use when you’re registering for gifts, but are a lot more versatile.

This week in lieu of reading I transformed two baskets into Easter baskets for the kids. I glue gunned sparkly wired ribbon to the brown basket for Hannah and put a big loopy bow on one side.

For Jack, I had a more muted basket that already had one blue wooden piece around the middle, and I happened to have blue grosgrain ribbon in the SAME shade, so I glue gunned that around the handle and sides and put on a beige grosgrain bow. It’s festive, but hopefully manly enough for a boy. He’s only 9 months old, it’s ok.

I had some green crinkle paper from inside a gift box, so I put that in the bottom of each basket. My dad brought the kids Kinder Eggs from Germany (they are chocolate eggs with little toys inside, I love Kinder Eggs! And yes, there will be supervision, I know Kinder Eggs are not supposed to be safe for under 3s) so those went inside, and CVS had free plastic eggs and free jelly beans this week, so I filled the baskets with those. Each of Hannah’s eggs contains one jelly bean and a sticker.

“Only ONE jelly bean?!?!?!” you ask? Let me assure you that you are only asking that because you have never witnessed my daughter hopped up on sugar. One jelly bean at a time will be JUST FINE. And she loves stickers like it’s her job, so I think it will be fun for her to open the eggs.

Jack’s eggs are empty. I thought about putting Cheerios in them, but then I thought really at his age he’ll have more fun just rolling the eggs around!

For anyone who was wondering, no, this was not the craft that got the amazed response from Josh. That will come later, I decided I need to change it a little today.

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