Weighty Matters

Yesterday I weighed myself before taking a shower. Then I got dressed, ate a piece of toast with fat free cream cheese, drank a glass of water, put on my coat and went to the doctor (note: NOT a pregnancy appointment, allow me to reiterate I am NOT pregnant – I am putting that part in because these things are often taken as Hints when they are not Hints at all). I didn’t realize I had to get weighed at the doctor so I didn’t take off my coat first, and I was flabbergasted to see that the doctor’s scale put me at SEVENTEEN POUNDS heavier than my scale at home!

I normally figure my scale at home is plus or minus three pounds from a doctor’s scale, and I’m ok with that margin of error. As my dad says, what really matters is the delta. You can tell my dad is an engineer because he uses phrases like “what really matters is the delta” in everyday life.

But seventeen pounds is just crazy. After I came home, I weighed myself on my scale wearing my clothes, boots, and coat, and I did weigh 15 pounds more than that morning. Then, because I’m a nerd, I took off my coat and weighed myself again and found out that my North Face coat adds 7 pounds alone!

So my home scale is two pounds lighter than the scale at the doctor’s office, and the lesson learned is never wear heavy clothes, boots, and a heavy coat when you get weighed. It is better to wear light clothes and flip flops. If only it was flip flop weather in February here…

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