"Wacky" Is A Bizarre Word

Don’t you think “wacky” is an odd word? When you read a recipe titled “Wacky Cake” don’t you think of something bright yellow and sort of sticky and possibly involving gummy worms?

I was reading Thrifty Florida Mama the other day and saw a mention in the comments on one of her posts (can’t remember which one now) about a recipe people used during the Depression called Wacky Cake. I’m not sure about the Depression origin, but maybe that’s why the recipe has no eggs. I looked on All Recipes and found this version, and yesterday I tried it. I thought it was really simple and turned out well.

I substituted 4 tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce for the 6 tablespoons of oil (I read in one of those fat free cookbooks that you aren’t really supposed to do 1 for 1 substitutions of applesauce for oil, who knew) and I thought the cake still turned out moist and springy. I frosted it with fat free cream cheese chocolate frosting. The frosting was a little off, because fat free cream cheese has a kind of bite to it that regular cream cheese does not. Still, it’s chocolate-y and edible.

If you check out the cake recipe, perhaps you can enlighten me on why the recipe has you make three wells in the dry ingredients and put a separate wet ingredient into each one. Is there a reason for that, or is it just something fun to do? The well that had the vinegar in it fizzed in an exciting way because of the baking soda, so I thought it was worth it, but I’m still wondering about the science involved with the wells. I should ask my brother who is a chef. Ha, as if he ever responds to my emails.

Speaking of baking, have you heard about how the price of flour is going to go up? You can read about it here on Money Saving Mom. I think this is already happening around here. Last week I bought wheat flour from Walmart and it was nearly twice what I paid for it two weeks ago. I also noticed that the price of all-purpose flour at Costco has gone up several dollars since a few months ago.

I guess what we need now is for someone to come up with a set of Wacky recipes that don’t involve flour!

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