Hidden Treasures (Or, "Heck No, I’m Not Throwing Away Those Nasty Brownies!")

I am pleased to report that changing my diet has solved my gallbladder problems, and I intend to take it easy on fatty foods as a general lifestyle whenever possible to avoid problems in the future. I checked out a bunch of low fat cookbooks and learned some great tips on how to prepare food with less fat, and I realized I had gone hogwild eating fat lately, which probably caused problems.

Anyway, one recipe I tried was for fat free brownies with fat free chocolate frosting. The description trumpeted the brownies as the ultimate answer to critics of fat free baking, claiming the brownies were rich and decadent and scrumtrillescent and so on and so forth. Excited, I pulled out my ingredients and made those brownies.

The result? Eggy, custard-y, overly sweet brown squares that only vaguely resembled brownies. If the cookbook authors thought their recipe made great brownies, methinks they added some illegal ingredients to their batch.

I hoped Josh would like them anyway. He didn’t. He thought they were gross. He thought I should throw them out.

Ding Ding Ding!!!! Throw away food?!?!?!?!?! Chocolate food!?!??!?!?! No way! Instead, I decided to repurpose the “brownies” as cookies.

I made up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough (the full fat kind) but instead of mixing in chocolate chips, I dumped the pan of brownies in there and mixed it all up. I then baked them according to the directions for the cookies.

Voila! Brownie cookies! Josh likes them! They look pretty! I won’t be eating them, but I’m glad Josh has a treat for his lunches this week and I didn’t have to throw the brownies away.

How sweet it is.

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