Dinner Results

Thanks for all of the good ideas y’all suggested in my post below. Here is what I decided to do:

I browned the ground beef with some garlic, put half of it in the fridge for tomorrow (I may make Monica’s homemade noodles and Josh will want some meat with that!) and put the other half in the stock pot with a big can of tomatoes, beef broth, a bag of frozen green beans, about a cup of brown rice (uncooked), chopped up celery that had been in the vegetable drawer too long, and the rest of a baked bean casserole from a few days ago. I added Worcestershire sauce and salt, and simmered it until the rice was cooked and the celery was soft. I baked bread this morning, and I got a lot of 99 cent cheese from Walgreens last week, so we also had cheese toast. Josh thought the soup turned out really well, and we have plenty left over for another night.

As an aside, it’s not that I didn’t think the other ideas were good, but I don’t use a lot of canned stuff so I didn’t have the cream of whatever soups or chicken soup on hand. I also didn’t know that ground beef was called “mince” in the UK but I plan to start using that word right away when I make up names for my culinary creations!

What’s also funny is that when Amy L suggested on Facebook that I order a pizza, it occurred to me that up until about a year ago I probably WOULD have just ordered a pizza, but I’ve gotten a lot better lately at making things from scratch and sticking to our food budget, and the result was a tasty dinner that was a lot more nutritious than Papa Johns. Not that there is anything wrong with Papa Johns (on the contrary, I love that stuff!), I’m just pleased to notice that I’ve made some improvements in my home economy this year. Baby steps, but still.

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