Blogger Fatigue

I don’t know why, but I have been feeling a great deal of blog aversion lately – not to reading blogs, so much as writing on mine. I’ve been Busy, I’ve been Thinking, I’ve been Tired, we’ve been Sick and all that, but mostly I guess I’m fighting the feeling that blogging is an obligation and I don’t feel like having one more obligation on my list. I’ll probably snap out of it eventually.

Anyway, this week Hannah and I have been quite crafty. We are going to a Valentine’s Day party next week for which Hannah needs to bring a bunch of Valentines, so I had the idea of cutting hearts out of magazines to use in making the cards. My mother in law gives me a bunch of decorating type magazines after she is done with them, so I had a big stack on hand. Once I started cutting hearts out, I realized there are a lot of pretty colors and interesting shapes in magazines. Some of my favorites are a heart cut from a picture of a crystal chandelier, and one cut from a picture of colored buckets lined up on wooden shelves. Once I had the hearts cut out, I asked Hannah to pick out her favorites in groups of four, then I tried to get her to use a glue stick to apply the hearts to the paper cards (which I made from cutting computer paper in half – we have a low Valentine’s Day budget!). Hannah quickly got frustrated with the glue and insisted, “Mama do it! Mama do it!” so we got into a rhythm of Hannah picking a heart, me asking where it should go, and after being instructed, me putting glue on the heart and sticking it on the paper. I think it was pretty fun for both of us, although some of the heart combos don’t quite match and some of the hearts are in funny places. I thought it would be nice for Hannah to color inside the cards, but she demurred, insisting that she can’t color on the cards because they have hearts on already. OK. So I guess I’m going to write Happy Valentine’s Day inside each one and leave it at that.

Another fun craft we did this week involved “painting” with eye shadow. I had some eye shadow I got free from CVS and Walgreens that I didn’t like, so I let Hannah use her makup brushes and a little water in a cup to mix up the shadows as “paints.” The effect was odd, but Hannah enjoyed it and punctuated her work with exclamations of “Ooh la la!” and “Fancy!” and “Sparkles!” A good time was had by all.

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